About Us

Knotty Habit was founded on a foundation of love for bold and unique natural fibre based yarn. The young company aims to excite and entice a sense of fun, beauty, and adventure in their customer’s fibre art by producing high-quality hand-dyed yarns.

Knotty Habit, founded in early 2019, is run by Miensie van Zyl and her ever-supportive husband, Louis. Miensie, a mother of 3, discovered her love for spinning and crochet as the last of her children left for college in the US. As she started to use natural yarns, her interest in the process of spinning and dying grew and it evolved into experimenting with the dying of unspun fibres and spun yarn. Most recently knitting was added to Miensies list of fibre art passions. She is a South African, Gauteng based, indie dyer who loves to experiment with bold and bright colours. She enjoys seeing how her customers use her yarn to create beautiful pieces of art.

Our Mission:

The mission of Knotty Habit is to inspire our customers and unleash their creativity through our beautiful and uniquely dyed natural fibre yarns

Our vision:

Our vision is to be part of the growing natural fibre art movement and continue to deliver trendy, colourful yarn. We strive to be recognised as a National and International brand and grow our customer base on social media and at local yarn shops and markets

Our Values:

Happy customers are at the core of our values. We are proud of the products that we produce and always strive to deliver high-quality products to the satisfaction of our customers. We have a passion for people and natural yarns.